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What are the Signs and Effects of Phone Compulsion?

Updated November 9, 2021

Anxiety, loneliness, depression, and stress are the frequent symptoms of using a smartphone which will mostly lead to such problems and can also aggravate the problems.

If you are used to using your smartphone in place of relieving yourself from awkwardness, loneliness or maybe anxiety in social occasions like for instance, the only thing you will achieve is to cut yourself off more from those around you.

Gazing at your smartphone will not allow you have the direct interaction that can meaningfully help you connect with others, one that will enhance your mood and alleviate your anxiety.

Meaning, if you choose a smartphone to be your anxiety remedy, it will only make it worse.

You will often find yourself working up to late hours since you couldn’t complete your work on time.

While you are busy playing video games online and all that, the laundry piles up and before you realize it there will be no food for dinner.

It creates isolation from friends and family since it consumes a lot of your time.

The feeling of thinking that you are missing out on something big if you are not connected online, will lead to anxiety.

Being used to taking your phone with you everywhere you go to the extent of whenever you don’t have it, you get the dreadful feeling of panic if you hear any vibration.

Below are the negative impacts that can be caused by smartphone addiction:

Increasing Solitude and Despair

By engaging yourself to online activities just to get rid of boredom, depression, or maybe loneliness, at first it might seem like it’s actually working but with time you will realize it’s worse.

Back in 2014 there was a study which showed that anxiety and depression was the link of high social network usage.

More so, the teens who try to equate themselves critically with the peers on the internet hence promoting the feeling of depression and loneliness.

Fueling Nervousness

A recent research discovered that even a mere company of a smartphone at work place is able to make someone anxious thus leading to poor performance on given tasks.

Increased Stress

It is very stressful when you have to use your phone for work purposes, most of the time you get the urge of checking the emails or just the feeling of not being out of work staff.

Aggravating Attention Deficit Disarrays

The continual stream of information coming from a smartphone overwhelms the brain making it impossible to concentrate on other things.

Shrinking your aptitude to focus and think creatively or deeply.

Persistent use of smartphone takes away all the time even when you need to be alone with your thoughts so as to think, you will often find yourself connected to the internet instead.

Distressing your Sleep

Excessive usage of a smartphone will frequently disturb your sleep, this can lead to several mental issues regarding your health like memory loss and other things.

Boosting Self-Absorption

The continuous posting of your pictures and all your thoughts will creates personality traits like narcissism which will lead to parting from real life hence making it hard to handle stress.

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